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Model UN


The Visionific Model UN Society aims to build and maintain strong links between the UN and Model UN participants across the globe. It does that through guides and workshops.

Public Speaking Society

It would include making them aware about the art of making an impromptu speech with a fairly well analysis as well as introduce them to British Parliamentary and Oxford type debates.

Arts & Culture Society

We promise you an entrance into the sphere of knowledge to get a better understanding of development, establishment and strategies of the international art world.

The Corporate Society

Through this society, we aim to inculcate skills of Researching, Financing, Risk taking, Development and Management in students at the foundational level. We aim to do this by helping students reach their best.



Our desire to build Capacity and provide assistance to NGOs working for social causes. We wish to build a potential human workforce consisting of students across the country who are willing and determined towards serving community for the greater good.

Workshop in Progress

Training workshops,

Webinars & Seminars


Key Speaker

Personality Development

Taking an Exam

How to Prepare for

Competitive Exams?

Students During Break

Parental & Peer Pressure

Stressed Man

Mental Health


Experts Panel

IR & Diplomacy


Career counselling and emerging fields

Meeting with a Lawyer

Moral Values & Ethics

Mother and Daughter Love

Emotional Intelligence

Couple Cuddling on a Rooftop

Sex Education

& Consent

Graphic Designer

Graphic & Web Designing

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