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TED Circles hosted by The Visionific Organisation

“What keeps life fascinating is the constant creativity of the soul.”

Creativity is not delusional. We often associate the notion of creativity with intelligence and originality. But what we forget s that all radical advances were built on past inventions. Schools often suppress the creative sides of individuals. The Visionific with an aim to change that notion launched Ted Circles 2.0 on the topic “Do school kills creativity?”

Through this ted circles, we could accommodate the following understanding about this topic:

1. The stream system limits our creativity to some extent.

2. There is lot of nepotism which doesn't allow each one to come forward and participate.

3. We can rely on our own selves too in order to discover ourselves instead of relying only on schools.

4. It is the system that should be blamed. Maybe we can't change the system but we can change ourselves-to face rejection and to look for more ways to be creative.

5. Creativity and knowledge go hand-in-hand. They are the branches of a same tree.

6. The schools need to move away from the convention. It is surely gonna be a long process to embark on a journey without having a hierarchy for subjects.

7. The New Education Policy 2020 can be our key out of the paradigm prison.

8. Do not miss opportunities. They come and go. Be positive and grab every opportunity that you can.

9. Be your own best friend and promote your creativity in every you can.

10. Education system needs to keep evolving with time even with the opinions on streams and teachers should not categorise based on marks.

In a nutshell, the discussion was successful in providing a radical approach towards the topic.

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