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How to make most out of your first College Year?

Hey guys! Finally, boards are over and now college begins and who studies in college? The answer is everyone does. We've always been hearing that college is meant only for enjoyment and fun, but this is not entirely true. Yes, having fun is a requirement but so is focusing on your future because this is the turning point. HRs might not ask for you 10th & 12th-grade sheet, but they'll ask for your college transcript.

College is a new start where you can turn things 180°.

1. Belief in yourself:

If you won't, then nobody else will.

2 Get out of your comfort zone:

This will build your confidence level and will bring you into the real competitive world. If you won't try new things, how will you find the interests that haven't come up yet? Try new things, learn new subjects, join committees you'd never thought you would. Meet new people, observe your surroundings and act accordingly.

3. Take notes in the difficult classes:

You're no longer in school where the teacher will give you personal attention, you have to fend for yourself. You should be able to determine what's important and what's not. Taking notes is highly beneficial for the purpose of exam preparations as everything said in class isn't in the book and sometimes the teacher's explanation is easier to comprehend.

(Write in points -- Draw graphs/diagrams -- use highlighters only if you don't have OCD or ADHD)

4. Select your friends carefully:

We meet many people throughout our college life but the one's we choose are the one's we keep for life. Choose your friends wisely. People who are supportive, happy for your success, ready to help you, guide you on the right path and give you positivity when you're low on it are the forever ones. The first person you meet is not necessarily your best friend; you're not obligated to stay with him/her always.

5. Attendance:

The minimum attendance required ranges from 60-65%. Below this, you will not be allowed to write your examination papers. Some colleges give marks according to your attendance percentage too, for example; Delhi University (DU) colleges have 5 marks in internals reserved only for attendance wherein you'll score full when your attendance is above 85%. Delhi students, this is the easiest marks you can earn.

6. Fix priorities:

There will be a lot of things taking up your time, but you have to choose your preferences. Every person is different and will have a different order of importance. Set priorities according to yourself, not others.

7. Societies/ Committees:

Of course, you will try to join the one's you're interested in, but also try for the ones that catch your attention but you're afraid of trying; again, explore yourself. Nobody knows you and even if they do then let them think, let them, judge. People are made for judging. Do what you want to. Also, gather information on the leading societies and surely try your chance there. Yes, joining a society will demand time but well college is all about time management.

Now for the ones who are away from home, remember, you are only a call away and so is your family; remind them and yourself.

8. Remember your loved ones:

When you're in a different state or country, initially you'll love the freedom but there's going to be a stage where you will be homesick. Call your family regularly. It will not only help you but will help them too. Maybe they are respecting your decision and giving you space but they also are worried about you, so do not think that they should've had called first. Make time to reach out to your family and friends back home.

9. Be respectful to your roommate:

Not only are you away, but he/she is too. Both of you are in this together in the long haul. The least you can do is respect the other and be kind if you're not friends.

2020 has brought the amazing coronavirus to us *insert heavy sarcasm*, but a pandemic doesn't stop colleges from providing us education so here are some tips on how to make the most of the situation.

10. Good vibes only:

Positivity is the key to excel. Yes, there's distress around us which somehow directly or indirectly does affect us but we cannot let it make us drown. Surround yourself with people and things that radiate positivity and glow, like plants or animals (if you have pets).

11. Set a schedule:

When we're at home we get lazy and keep postponing our work. Don't do it or else afterwards you'll be in a huge pile of assignments and less time for actually studying for tests. Study regularly every day to avoid later stress.

Quality study> Quantity study.

12. Maintain discipline & uniformity:

Keep a nook where you'll study, maintain notebooks for every subject and have all your study material in one place. Every one of us has a different study pattern; some study early in the morning, some are able to understand better at night, some make notes, some have a photographic memory and some score good just by reading. Go according to your own decided pace.

13. Examination:

We don't know if we'll have exams, how we'll have exams, and if exams are even beneficial in this stage. Majority colleges are conducting Open Book Examinations (OBE). As easy as this sounds, it isn't. You still have to study and it's better to study with the mindset that you're giving a normal examination without a book as now the book is only an added help.

These are very basic but important tips that we often ignore. Enjoy within limits and be safe in whatever you're doing. Don't fret it, don't stress it, just use your time smartly.

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