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Class of' 21

Whenever I hear this, it feels like I am being mocked, by the universe itself.

This has been the most digressive year in the history of Indian Education, where learning got minimised but the exams were to be conducted with full rage.

My story begins in April 2020. We freshly entered class XII, but after 2 days of school, the pandemic hit hard. There were ‘hundreds’ of cases and a Janta Curfew in India that gradually took the form of a Student Curfew and everyone but students got to go “to work”.

Early on, nobody knew that COVID-19 was here to stay. Everyone expected it to be gone by March 2021 or vanish into thin air if you will. I might have been one of those.

We prepared for our board examination in a great stride and with more dedication due to absence of the guidance we’re used to. Then came the new year. Since, 2020 was kind of a slump, we all seeked solace in the lap of 2021, threw our hands up in the air and thought “this is gonna be my year.”

We all know the end to this story. COVID-19 cases saw an exponential rise. Consequently, the exams for class X were cancelled and the students were to be promoted on the basis of internal assessment and for class XII, the board examination was postponed to the month of May.

This is when the chaos began. Twitter was flooded with #cancelboards and of course, COVID transformed into an invincible killing machine. India witnessed a devastating loss of precious lives. Hence, the board examination was postponed once again to June. Everyone fears for themselves and their loved ones. So, the #cancelboards movement grew like wildfire across the nation. Still, the administration was not convinced. They made far-fetched promises like maintaining social distancing norms at the examination centres and ensuring the safety of students and teachers.

Like that would be enough to defeat the beast. Scientists warned the government that conducting board examinations could trigger a third wave that wouldn’t spare children.

Everyone was enraged. We couldn’t help but wonder if the government had turned a deaf ear to our pleas. The decision on the board examination was awaited on 1 June. But a hearing conducted in the Supreme Court on 31 May postponed it even further. The Court’s response was like a beacon of hope.

The next day, our honourable education minister was admitted to the hospital due to post covid complications. His condition is still not favourable.

Hence, the meeting for the decision on Board Examination for class XII was chaired by PM Narendra Modi. After various deliberations the Board Examinations were cancelled.

The decision on how the students need to go about college admissions is still awaited.

While this decision sparked joy in the hearts of CLASS OF ‘21, it has left us in great dilemma not only about our present but also the future.

We hope that our future also shines bright like the sun.

Stand out and thrive, fellow mates.

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