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An App Wishlist for Students

We as students often have a tough time managing our workload. Deadlines and examinations, an unending workload and numerous extra-curricular, it can get overwhelming at times but - fret not - for technology can help us massively in this field. So, here is a list of applications to make your life as a student a bit easier, a bit more manageable.

Curated for students, by a student!

  • Wallet

Finances? A scary word for students if you ask me. Most students do not have a steady source of income at such a young age, but sometimes we do hit the jackpot, pocket money or internships most of us have some funds in our name to manage.

And then comes the question of how to manage these limited funds. Well, fear not, for Wallet is here! Wallet is a financial planner that helps you track your budget and spending on all things, big and small. A Wallet user is in full control of their finances. From charting data to receiving timely reports, it can help you with your money effortlessly. And it can teach you over time how to make wise decisions for the future so, when the time does come, you're ready to manage your big and hefty incomes.

Features of the app:

  • Automatic Bank Updates: Transactions on this app are automatically synced to one’s bank account to easily keep track of spending.

  • Manual Bank Updates: It is now even possible to import past transaction data from any source of your choice, be it a bank or an excel sheet.

  • Flexible Budget: With the feature of flexible budgets, you can learn to be quite adept at savings to accomplish your future goals.

  • Insightful Reports: Wallet provides reports on your financing patterns based on your transactions, spending and savings. A Wallet user has the option to comprehensively understand these reports to improve their financial decisions.

  • Canva

Aren’t we all tired of the same old templates and features of traditional graphic design apps? From presentations to posters, a large part of the student population dabbles at graphic designing at a time or another be it for assignments or interest. Canva makes graphic designing fun and easy by offering creative and quirky templates, easy to use elements so as to enhance your work and more.

From presentations, posters and business cards to Instagram posts and wallpapers, the list of things to create on Canva is endless.

Features of the app:

  • Pre-designed templates: Canva offers hundreds of pre-defined templates for any base of the design.

  • Elements: From shapes to GIFS, Canva includes in its app quirky and creative elements to enhance your work.

  • Uploads: Canva also provides the option to upload media to your work easily.

  • Photomath/ Mathway/ Desmos

Studying math is hard enough without having to solve tedious equations and graphs. These apps are for all the math students out there!

With Photomath and Mathway, you can easily simplify or solve complex calculations and functions. From pre-algebra to complex calculus, this app allows you to choose from a wide range of mathematical topics. Simply type in a question or capture it with the in-app camera and get instant answers.

There isn’t a graph that Desmos cannot provide you with. Plot functions, create tables and more with this easy-to-use graphing calculator.

Features of the apps:

  • Step by step solutions to all problems.

  • Interactive graphs.

  • Multi-functional scientific calculator.

  • Multiple solutions to a question.

  • Sliders and statistics in Desmos

  • Forest/ Tide

It is often a challenge for students to not procrastinate for long periods of time. Even in the span of the three minutes I took to write this paragraph, I picked up my phone twice! When deadlines are fast approaching and panic sets in, one wants to buckle down and finish the work on time.

Forest and Tide are apps that help you concentrate and break the habit of procrastination. While both of them solve the same purpose, they work differently so you can choose what works best for you!

  • Forest: Plant a tree on the app when you need to stay focused. If you finish your task without getting distracted, the tree grows but if you give in and use your device, your plant dies. One can unlock different kinds of trees and background sounds over time and even build a whole forest!

  • Tide: Tide not only builds your focus but also helps you sleep, meditate or relax. It serves a wider purpose than Forest by being a one-stop mental care app. It provides audios inspired by nature, travelling and meditation to help your mind relax and stop it from getting distracted.

Tide has a list of audios best suited to different purposes.

  • Evernote/ Trello

Evernote, and Trello help you organise and manage your workload easily. Instead of making multiple sticky notes, just add your tasks and to-dos to the app and find all your work methodically arranged and customised for you - from lists to task planners. As students, you can also use Evernote to take class notes or finish homework assignments.

Features of the apps:

  • Make easy to-do lists

  • Sync calendars to keep a track of your schedules.

  • Add notes and reminders.

  • Create planners for a more organised workload.

  • Scan whiteboards for easy note-taking.

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