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Team Meeting

A Platform. A Stage. A Dream.

The Visionific Organisation is the community of next generation thinkers where the visionary minds get a chance to explore their dreams, discover their passion and express themselves in a manner unique to them. We organize and manage events ranging from conferences and educational workshops to live shows covering all medium and styles of expression that one may find.

Limited only by imagination, it is a home to Gen Z that may inspire them to connect on shared interests while discovering opportunities to explore, discover their talents, and reach their full potential.

What We Do

  • Aiding educational institutions in skill building and in providing exposure to the students henceforth preparing them or life outside the protected school environment.


  • Capacity Building and Assistance for NGOs working for social causes.

  • Community Awareness, service for the under-privileged children across the country and taking collaborative action on issues that affect each one alike.

  • Youth empowerment through skill enhancement and capacity-building through one of our kind stand-alone events.

Our Mission

We seek to create an educational platform for people of all shades and backgrounds in order to enhance their skill sets. We vouch to provide a dais for all and sundry to manifest their dormant talents. Providing familiarity with and hands-on experience in the vast arena is our Raison d’etre.


We ‘visionify’ to reach every student aspiring growth and aid them in bringing their ambition to reality.

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